New York based songwriter Vala is a musician, rapper, singer, and lyricist. She has been featured in American Songwriter, Hip Hop DX, EARMILK,, Oxfam's playlist, and more.  Her style is best described as alternative hip-hop/pop 

Vala’s works have been called, “raw, honest, and affecting." Vala's lyrics seek to change perceptions on mental health and addiction. Music was a way to help her disconnect from reality and find a place of calmness and to find clarity in the face of adversity.

Vala has recently be named as a Finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition for her song, "Follow Me."

Calling for mental health awareness

Vala, the independent artist from New York has a new hard-hitting, catchy, and extremely fun new track ”Baddest Bitch”, which is accompanied by a thrilling music video. Fans of unapologetic hip-hop will love Vala and her latest track. ” - Melissa Cusano

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The single “Baddest Bitch” is truly formidable, an irreproachable sonic onslaught, with the artist, kicking aside any stereotypes, firing an incredible verbal rotary machine gun!” - Allessandro Iglesias


New release! Watch "Baddest Bitch"